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The 5 Rudest Things to Ask Guests to Bring

    The 5 Rudest Things to Ask Guests to Bring

    Hosting a gathering or party is an exciting opportunity to connect with friends and loved ones. As a host, ensuring your guests feel comfortable and welcomed is important. However, there are certain requests that can unintentionally make guests uncomfortable or impose an unnecessary burden on them. In this article, we will explore the five rudest things to ask guests to bring to your event, shedding light on why these requests should be avoided to maintain a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

    An Essential Party Element

    As a host, it’s your responsibility to provide the essential elements for your party, such as food, drinks, and entertainment. Asking guests to bring essential party items, such as plates, cups, or utensils, can give the impression that you haven’t adequately prepared for the event. It may also inconvenience your guests, who may have already made other arrangements or commitments.

    Anything Uncooked

    Requesting that guests bring uncooked food items puts them in a difficult position. It assumes that guests have the time and resources to prepare a dish and places the burden of cooking and handling food safety on them. It’s best to handle the food preparation yourself or coordinate with your guests in advance if you wish to have a potluck-style event.

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    A Specific Type of Alcohol

    While it’s common to request guests bring their preferred beverages to a party, asking for a specific type of alcohol can be seen as impolite. Guests may have personal preferences or dietary restrictions that prevent them from bringing the requested beverage. Instead, provide a variety of drink options and encourage guests to bring what they prefer or feel comfortable with.

    Something That Makes Them Uncomfortable

    Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all your guests is important. Asking them to bring something that makes them uncomfortable, such as a particular item of clothing or an object with personal significance, can lead to feelings of unease or exclusion. Respect your guests’ boundaries and ensure that your requests do not infringe upon their comfort or personal preferences.


    While it’s customary for guests to bring a gift or contribute to the event, explicitly asking for cash is considered impolite. It can make guests feel obligated or uncomfortable, as it may be perceived as a direct request for money. Instead, if you wish to receive monetary contributions, you can discreetly provide a designated box or envelope for guests who voluntarily contribute.

    In conclusion, being a gracious host means making your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Avoiding certain requests can help create an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Instead of burdening your guests or making them feel obligated, take the responsibility of providing the essential elements for the event. Remember, the purpose of hosting is to bring people together, and a considerate and accommodating approach will ensure a memorable and positive experience for all involved.

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