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Home » Kylie Jenner’s New Naked Nails Are Here: Get Inspiration!

Kylie Jenner’s New Naked Nails Are Here: Get Inspiration!

    Kylie Jenner's New Naked Nails Are Here Get Inspiration!

    In recent times, Kylie Jenner has been experimenting with fashion even more than she typically does. Within the span of just a few months, she has dabbled in mermaid-core fashion, silent luxury fashion, and even coquette fashion.

    Jenner has just revealed her ideal “naked” manicure, which will complement any ensemble she has planned.

    On July 6, Jenner posted a slideshow of selfies to Instagram with the simple caption, “yellow might be my new favorite color.” Jenner stands in her backyard while wearing a yellow tank top, blue denim, and a silver band in the photographs.

    She wears a sun-kissed blush and satin nude lipstick that match well with her tousled hair; her ensemble gives us “enjoying my day off” vibes.

    Her manicure, however, is suitable for both the red carpet and an ordinary day at home. Zola Ganzorigt, Jenner’s manicurist, gave the celebrity a flawless nude manicure, beginning with a medium-length almond shape. Then, Ganzorigt painted Jenner’s nails a pale pinkish-nude color.

    While the strawberry milk manicure was popular last spring, Jenner’s delicate pink manicure is distinct from its fruit-inspired predecessor.

    In contrast to the cool-toned, semi-transparent pale pinks that were all the fashion at the beginning of the year, Jenner’s pink manicure has a warm undertone, which makes it appear as though her nails are real and not just fake.

    It fits in perfectly with TikTok’s naked nail trend, which calls for going without polish or choosing one that discreetly accentuates natural nails. We’ve already seen the manicure on stars such as Sofia Richie Grainge and Selena Gomez; now that Kylie has endorsed the style, we can anticipate it to be everywhere.

    Though we don’t know the exact polish Ganzorigt used to create Jenner’s manicure, you should use any natural-looking warm-toned pastel pink polish. You can go for Beauty Pie Wondercolour Nail Polish in Go To Girl ($25) or Hermès Les Mains Nail Enamel in Rose Porcelain ($50).

    After applying two applications of your preferred nail polish, top it off with your preferred top coat.

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