Microblading + Machine Eyebrow Training

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This is the Ultimate Eyebrow Class                         Full Tuition:$3,950

Five days of hands-on experience with master artist, learning firsthand to ensure your success in the industry. Upon enrollment students are given pre-training home study manual to bring you up to speed with the ins and outs of permanent make up. We expect you to prepare studying the material. It is crucial you take this part of your course seriously, as it teaches you all the theory you’ll need to know before putting your skills into practice with us. This helps students feel more relaxed and familiarized with techniques, improving overall knowledge retention.


Permanent makeup has been shown to positively effect men's and women's confidence, giving them a new lease on life! Procedures cost anywhere between $450 and $750. With this investment, you can make your money back and profit after your first procedure! 

We Are Committed to Training Successful Permanent Makeup Artists and Building Your Career.

    At AZ Permanent Makeup Academy, we teach all the new techniques that is vital for your success as a PMU artist. Therefore, we teach additionally

    1. Ombre / Powdered Eyebrows (good for almost every skin type) 
    2. Nano Strokes
    3. Saline Removal

    Saline Removal is taught free and essential part of permanent cosmetic world. You need this skill to get your phone to ring and grow a robust PMU practice.

    We also provide business consultation if you want to take your business to next level and get a professional website. Discount coupons will be provided upon request. 

    Permanent makeup is a high-level skill, that when done well can be life changing for the artist and their clients. Our master instructor is highly trained and skilled permanent makeup artist and instructor here at AZ PMU Academy.

    Tuition includes the class manual and workbook, Atelier Intelligence PMU Device, needle cartridges for practice, Browdaddy - Permablend eyebrow pigments (4) Zensa topical anesthetic numbing cream (1), various latex practice pads and other miscellaneous items.

    The school provides all necessary and required personal protection equipment (PPE) needed to perform all the procedures. All you need to bring to class is a great attitude and a willingness to learn. 

    If you are interested to add more classes, if you are required to submit work log to your board and meet certain hours, we will do the paperwork for you. Our classes are recognized by the state boards. Just email your state's requirements to arizonapermanent@gmail.com and we will help you with scheduling of your classes.

    Enrollment fee is $200, and it secures you a spot in the class. Please call us if you want to pay for registration fee first, which will be deducted from the total when you pay the full amount.

    About Us

    This is a private, vocational permanent make-up school and facial aesthetics training facility in Arizona, USA.

    AZ PMU Academy is a professional permanent make-up and facial aesthetics training center with fundamental and advanced classes in the southwest.

    Our lead artist Celine received master of education degree from Arizona State University. She has been to many advanced training classes, seminars, and workshops all over the World. Her natural artistic ability, eye for detail is a result of years of practicing art of calligraphy.

    She can achieve all desired looks either with manual tools or with machines. She is known to create soft, natural and custom designed looks that suit her clients the most every single time. 

    She has written many articles about microblading, fibroblasting and many more as well as training books for permanent makeup and facial aesthetics students. Her goal is providing the best training programs and most natural looking procedures with an affordable rate.

    Contact Us for For Info:

    Phone: 480-823-6249

    Email: arizonapermanent@gmail.com

    Our Address:20542 N Lake Pleasant Rd Suite 107 Peoria, AZ 85382

    Store Hours: Monday-Friday: 8 am PST-4 pm PST

    Saturday-Sunday: 10 am PST-6 pm PST 


    About us?

    We are a permanent make-up and advanced facial aesthetics training facility located in Arizona, USA.

    With its 1,400 sq. ft campus in a premium medical center in metro Phoenix, AZ PMU Academy is a professional permanent make-up training center with fundamental and advanced classes in the southwest USA.