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EvenFlo – Neutralizer for Dark Lips [15ml]

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Neutralizer for Dark Lips by EvenFlo has a bright orange base with warm undertones.

Suggested Use:
A warm orange color specifically formulated for the neutralizing of light to medium dark lips with pinky and bluish hues. For best results use this colour straight.  For lighter lip tones, may be mixed 1:1 with target color.  The Trio set is suitable for creating natural looking soft lips or blush lip effects.

Use straight, prior to applying target color or mixed with another color.
May be mixed with Evenflo Illume for treating blue-purple areas on dark lips.

Allow minimum 8 to 12 weeks healing between treatments.
Precede every procedure with a thorough consultation to determine client’s reaction to wounds (hyperpigmentation) in order to prevent unwanted outcomes.

Evenflo Lip Colors – World’s First Machine-Optimized Formula

Born out of Lulu’s passion for her craft, EvenFlo Colors is a custom palette that leaves all guesswork aside, letting you focus on what’s most important – results.

When this lip pigment was created, it resulted in a pigment line that was highly concentrated, but contained less titanium dioxide, which would provide a more sheer/translucent look. This gives your clients a fresh more youthful appearance when applied utilising a soft whip-shading technique.

These pigments deliver natural-looking results instantly.

All pigments have gone through gamma ray sterilization, are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Results are simply fantastic!


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This is a private, vocational permanent make-up school and facial aesthetics training facility in Arizona, USA.

AZ PMU Academy is a professional permanent make-up and facial aesthetics training center with fundamental and advanced classes in the southwest.

Our lead artist Celine received master of education degree from Arizona State University. She has been to many advanced training classes, seminars, and workshops all over the World. Her natural artistic ability, eye for detail is a result of years of practicing art of calligraphy.

She can achieve all desired looks either with manual tools or with machines. She is known to create soft, natural and custom designed looks that suit her clients the most every single time. 

She has written many articles about microblading, fibroblasting and many more as well as training books for permanent makeup and facial aesthetics students. Her goal is providing the best training programs and most natural looking procedures with an affordable rate.

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About us?

We are a permanent make-up and advanced facial aesthetics training facility located in Arizona, USA.

With its 1,400 sq. ft campus in a premium medical center in metro Phoenix, AZ PMU Academy is a professional permanent make-up training center with fundamental and advanced classes in the southwest USA.