This is an advanced class designed to teach already practicing PMU or Tattoo artists the necessary skills to create realistic 3D nipple construction tattooing and scar camouflage techniques.

Digital Machine, cartridges and pigments included: $2,250 for 2 days course. We will be providing all client consent and medical information forms  as well as a comprehensive training manual.

Email: arizonapermanent@gmail,com

Upcoming Days :

December 10-11, 2019 Thursday – Friday

Complete  the work of a surgeon’s with the latest 3D derma pigmentation techniques.

Nipple areola tattooing (micro-pigmentation) is performed after reconstruction of the breast is completed. This is a sort of tattooing procedure using needles to place pigments under the skin, this
procedure can give the illusion of an areola and color the reconstructed nipple. This cannot be undertaken until at least 3 months have passed following reconstruction. It is not essential to undergo the nipple reconstruction to be entitled to tattooing, some patients decide to have tattooing to create a 3D effect without the reconstruction.
It can also be performed to correct areola loss/asymmetry following breast surgery.

The aim of the procedure is to improve the cosmetic appearance of the breast by optimally matching the size and color to the opposite nipple areola (if unilateral).  Patients find that the procedure improves their body image and quality of life, thus boosting their self esteem.


DAY 1: Theory: Creating Perfect 3D areola Look, Pre-drawing Techniques, Pigmentation and Color Selection, Layering and shading, creating nipple, needle selection & achieving the most realistic look, practice 3D Areola Pigmentation after breast reconstruction

DAY 2: Scar Camouflage Pigmentation, Medical Tattooing, Permanent Blush and Saline Removal Technique ( You will learn how to correct your own mistakes)

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